Monday, May 4, 2009

Breakfast Burrito!

For dinner! I desperately need to go grocery shopping. It's not even funny, y'all. My fridge looks like that of a bachelor -- cheese, beer, water, and an apple. Ridiculous. Needless to say, I will be grocery shopping tomorrow while the kids are in school, but I had to come up with something to make for dinner and it actually turned out quite yummy and filling (and CHEESY!)

Start with a pan coated with olive can't really tell, but there is EVOO in there!

Cube up some potatoes into bite-sized pieces:

Throw them in the pan (medium heat). They will sizzle!

Add salt and pepper to taste, that's a LOT in our house!

I threw in some garlic salt, too:

Then stir it up...

Cover it, and leave it for 15 or so minutes, stirring a few times.

Once they are browned and starting to soften,

Crack some eggs (I used 6),

More salt and pepper!

Whisk 'em up!

and pour them in the potatoes!

Dump any kind of shredded cheese you have on hand

stir...letting the eggs scramble

and once they are good and done (not too wet, but they will be slightly moist because of the melting cheese)

Scoop some into a tortilla shell (I had whole wheat, YUM) and wrap them up!

Quick and easy (and not to mention filling!) breakfast or dinner!

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