Saturday, April 4, 2009

Here we go...

Well, after years of privately blogging about family and random things, I decided to start a public blog about my addiction to my kitchen. I just can't get enough cooking and baking! I don't have a gourmet kitchen by any means, but I am pretty proud of some of the creations made in there. I can't go a day without making some sort of home-cooked meal or goody so I figured I could share some pictures and recipes, maybe even some step-by-step directions along with photos and where I got the recipes from.

This year I decided to see if my baked goods could make any money and I must say I have been pleased with the result! I opened my own business in February 2009 called "The Bakers Dozen" and I provide baked goods to local businesses here in my hometown. So far it's been really fun and I would love if one day (when all of the kids are in school, of course) I could open my own bakery. But even if I did, I would still be addicted to my own kitchen!


  1. Awesome, I love the new site!!!

  2. I love love love this! I will follow this blog faithfully! I am always looking for new recipes and love to see what other have made. A perfect blog for me! :)