Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Verdict. And someone please make me stop!

OK, so everyone seemed to like the enchiladas last night. When my non-formula drinking kids take their first bite and then say "When I eat all of this, can I have some more?", that's a good sign!

I will definitely be making them again soon and when I do I will post the recipe and pics on here...I will be changing it around to simplify it a bit and make it more mine, now that I have the gist of the basic recipe. I always follow a recipe exactly the first time I make it, then doctor it to accommodate my family and our likes and dislikes. Most of the dislikes come from me, the ultimate picky eater. One day I'll have to tell you just how hard it was for my parents when I was at the dinner table as a youngin'. I'm sure there is much snickering at their house when I call to say the kids refuse to eat something I made.

Now, someone please stage an intervention. PLEASE. My addiction is getting dangerous. We leave town tomorrow and I purposely did all of my baking last night for my deliveries this week -- 4 dozen scones -- so I could clean and pack and make lists and clean and pack some more... I even thought as I finished up last night around 11pm, "I am actually looking forward to not baking for a couple of days", but what am I doing today? I am making cookies to bring with us. I am already bringing a dozen cinnamon rolls (made yesterday and frozen until we leave) but just walking through my kitchen this morning made me want to bake something.

I SO do not have time, but it looks like in between scrubbing toilets, I'll be (after washing my hands thoroughly, of course) making 2 kinds of cookies to bring home for Easter weekend. Maybe it should be re-named Eater Weekend?

Those darned peanut butter chips are calling my name...I'll be back later!


  1. "Picky eater", I'll tell you what a picky eater she was. Oh by the way, This is Katie's mom. That child ate 5 things from the time she was 2 till she left my house. grilled cheese sandwich, fried bologna sandwich, mac and cheese (not homemade either)the Kraft veriety, hot dogs and spaghetti-o's. Try to build 3 meals a day around that every day. But i have to say What a fine young woman and chef she has turned out to be. Is that what you call people now a days? Probably not, after all i do still own a "Kitchen-aid"

    Love ya!