Monday, April 6, 2009

A Play on Spaghetti - Pasta with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

I don't know about you, but I love pasta! I could eat it every day, but sometimes the old spaghetti standby just doesn't cut it. I came across this recipe from Pioneer Woman (who is my online idol, I just love her!) and decided to try it the other night. It was good! Definitely a nice change from your standard spaghetti. I took some pictures of the process along the way, though I left some steps out because I was too hungry and impatient. I also veered just a little off her recipe to make it a quicker fix since we had been out all day.

So..start by getting out your food processor and add half a jar of roasted red peppers. I used this kind. And, yes, that is flour all over my poor food processor...lets just say it gets used a LOT.

Add half an onion, roughly chopped (her recipe has you add them later but I don't like chunks in my food so I put them in here), and some toasted pine nuts (I toasted mine quickly in my pan while getting the peppers out of the jar) and whiz away.

Pine Nuts

Peppers, Pine Nuts, and Onion Before...


And after, added to a pan with some garlic sautee'd in a little olive oil.

Next (and this is the part where I forgot to take a picture) add half a cup of half and half or heavy cream and mix together while your pasta of choice is cooking. Once the pasta is done, strain it and add right into the pan.

Mix it up and you are ready to eat!

Normally I would plate it and take a picture of the finished product, but it sat for a while as we were busy putting kiddos to bed and I was so hungry when we got done, I may have actually taken my fork right to the that wrong?

If you try this, I really hope you like it! I have yet to dislike anything I've tried of PW's.

I am working up something awfully cute for Easter, and hopefully I'll have time to get it done and document the process before the weekend hits. Later!

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  1. hehe taking your fork direct to the pan isn't so wrong!!