Friday, April 10, 2009

The thing about baking is...

you can do it anywhere! I was wondering if I would get my hands in any dough Easter weekend, especially since we are not at home, and sure enough, Day 1 here at my parent's house and I cranked out about 30 cinnamon rolls! I have made so many that I didn't even need my recipe and they turned out great!

My grandmother heard about and wanted to try them...funny thing is I made a batch to give her and totally left them in my freezer at home -- oops! Now we will be eating them all weekend and I am just not sad about that, sorry to say.

I do want to make a promise to document more of my cooking when we get back so you guys have full recipes and pictures to go along with keep checking back. We will be driving back home sometime Monday so hopefully I'll be back in the kitchen Tuesday.

Everyone have a wonderful Easter!

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